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Webinar: Sustainable Investing in Equilibrium - Shared screen with speaker view
Christopher Geczy
Hello everyone. Welcome to the webinar! For reference, here's a link to today's paper: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3498354
Christopher Geczy
Folks, As a note, if you have a question for Rob or for Harrison, or a comment, feel free to drop it into the chat box at any time.
Christopher Geczy
Also, if you send your question to me privately, I'll presume you prefer not to have your question attributed to you. If you put it into the chat to everyone, I'll mention your name (or if we have time ask you to ask your question).
Emmanuel Hatzakis
There seems to be a proliferation of ESG evaluation models, e.g., Just Capital’s, BofAML’s ESGMeter, etc. Over time, do we see a convergence or divergence of how we think about ESG?
Jun Fan
As ESG becomes more popular and AUM related to ESG is expected to continue grow in the next few years, do you think the investment demand actually would lead to positive ESG alpha in the short term until ESG investment becomes too crowded?
Yong Chen
Many investors nowadays invest through delegated investments such as mutual funds. How do you think fund managers would identify and incorporate (or not) the taste of their investors (clients)?
Laura Starks
Thank you